The Good Life

November 14, 2016 Daniel 0

A study spanning 75 years on adult development, followed the lives of over 500 people from various backgrounds – and included John F. Kennedy. Here’s a […]

Dinner With The Parents

August 10, 2016 Daniel 0

Written and scheduled one year ago today… I had dinner with Lauren’s parents, and it was lovely. Chris and Jerry Hayward came with us to […]

Christmas Intrigue

January 10, 2016 Daniel 0

Based on a true story. Every eight year old needs a confidant, a consigliere, a trusted adviser, and Claude is mine. Claude is 70 years […]

You’re Toast, Mate

September 29, 2015 Daniel 0

Last night I was part of The Big HOO-HAA! Melbourne’s Very Haunted House. We took over the Butterfly Club for one night, and filled it with fun […]


September 27, 2015 Daniel 0

Last night I went to an Italian restaurant with my girlfriend Lauren. We were celebrating the end of a run of shows. (You probably heard about […]