2016 At Length

Last year and the year before I wrote a post thanking a bunch of people who helped me through the year/my life, as well as listing some accomplishments. By my count I’ve been in at least 72 shows this year, 26 of them scripted and 44 improvised – breakdown below, for those interested.

Big achievements this year include:

  • Artistic Director of LMA Melbourne – 2 Terms completed this year, a third in the works and many great students growing and doing great work.
  • Moved in with Lauren Hayward, and then moved into a new place!
  • Produced a Pilot for an Original Panel Show
  • Wrote and Performed in a show with Justin Porter
  • RAW Comedy State Finalist
  • Performed in Stiff Company a show that meant a great deal to my mentor Jason Chin
  • Performed in an Adaption of A Servant Of Two Masters

Sadly, you can never thank everyone in this sort of thing, I hope no one feels left out. Here it goes – in no particular order:

Marcus Willis for being a great friend. Always.

Justin Porter for being the funniest person I know. For saying ‘yes’ when I half jokingly asked if he wanted to write a show, and for saying ‘yes’ to… well, everything. Actually. For enthusiastically saying ‘yes’ always, and then kindly saying ‘no’ when I go to far. Thanks for being my friend, thanks for being on my team, I love being on yours.

Andy Balloch thank you for being the committed, joyful, animal that you so are. For those that do not know, Andy is the most reliable and professional person I have ever worked with. You’re a king.

Tim Quabba thank you for all the chats, thank you for your soul, thank you for your wonder.

Adam Kangas thank you for being a friend. Thanks for being a great house mate. Thanks for Los Angeles. Thanks for backing me in my crazy ideas.

Broni Lisle thank you for asking me to work on your fun ideas, I was genuinely surprised and flattered to work on your show. You often had me in tears during rehearsals and your show. Thanks for letting me have access to your joy, and for showing me the way to my own. Thanks for occasionally accessing that weird bit on my shoulder, and thanks for the occasional access to yours.

Darren Gilshannen thanks for a class that challenged me in a way that was completely new. Thanks for making me feel like someone who is strong and capable. Thank you!

Mike Brown more than anything, thanks for being a mate. From our online breakfasts, to our real ones, I love that I’m still a part of your life. I look forward to continuing. I look forward to all your success. I love getting a message from you and knowing some door has opened for you.

Michael Longley thanks for being a friend. Thanks for understanding. Thanks for knowing a lot about accounting and history and all the shit you know. Thanks for still being around. Let’s see each other more now.

Adam Munkman thanks for being a friend man. You’ve been a guiding hand, and shock back to reality, a lot this year, and thank you for that. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not always in the real world. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Wyatt Frederick Nixon Lloyd thanks for being my friend. I feel on the same page, every time we talk, no matter the distance or not. Thanks for monopoly deal. Thanks for the support. Thanks for your care.

Eran Thomson Thanks for the support, and belief in me. Thanks for trusting me with the starting of LMA in Melbourne, and for the opportunity to watch it begin to bloom (we’re not done down here yet!). Thanks for the opportunity to work with you on the projects this year. I look forward working with you next year and on those to come. Thank you!

Lucy Horan thanks for taking me seriously, and for being open. Thanks for the fun and the play, and for LuDaKa.

Damien Vosk thanks for the hangs, the laughs, the talks about people who made it, and didn’t make it. Thanks for working so hard. Thanks for the support. It means a lot!

Andrew Strano thanks for being a friend. For your support, and confidence. For your openness and time. Oh god, thanks for your time. Thanks for all the time. Thank you! Keep doing your work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sophie Long Thanks for your kind soul. For your support, and your care. Thanks for the huge reminder that the ‘how’ is so much more important than the ‘what’.

Simon McCulloch Thanks for being a friend. Catching up with you after LA, and since then has been really nice. Occassionally calling you with some bullshit idea and getting nothing but support has been lovely. Thank you!

Mario Hannah thanks for your time, and giving spirit. Thanks for being open to anything. Thank you!

Vidya Rajan Thank you for going from someone I wanted to know, to someone I love knowing. I’ve loved our coffee cathups, your work on Champ Fact and everything in between! Thank you!

Andrew Portelli thanks for the chats, thanks for champ fact. Thanks for being the funniest paper clip I’ve ever seen. You’re a weird guy, thank you!

Tom Dickins thanks for your insight, intellect and love for performers and performance. I learnt so much from you this year. You’re a joy to work with. Your positivity and genuine care for people is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me (and Justin)! Thank you!

Josh Chodzeisner thanks for our lunch, brunches, breakfasts and coffees. Thanks for the chats. Thanks for being a normal person. Thanks for being you.

Lelda Kapsis I’m so glad I’ve got to know you this year. Your positivity, support and confidence in me and those around me has meant more than you’ll know. Thank you for you!

Matt Jenner thanks for chats in carparks, coffee places and liquid nitrogen places. Thanks for being so willing to share what you have. Thank you!

Hayley Tantau thanks for being a friend. Keep doing you! Thank you for your support and belief in me! Thanks for looking after yourself this year.

David Evans thanks for being a big support this year. There’s no way I would’ve achieved half of what I have this year without you. Thanks for being on my side. Thank you!

Ellyse O’Halloran thank you for being a shining light, always. Thank you for making LA special and for being a loving light on everything and everyone. Thank you! Keep killing it in LA. Also get me a job pls.

Zach Navarre thanks for your support in #1 NINJA. Your kind words and joy in the show meant way more than you know. Watching you and Tim dance before each show was just amazing.

Ivy Latimer thank you for being special. Look after yourself. Stay in touch please. Thank you. Do great things.

Hill and Reb thank you for inviting me to be a part of what is a lovely project. I was hugely flattered to be invited into your weird little worlds. And I love it.

Rhett Hughes thanks for being the hard working funny talented man that you are. You inspire me more than you know.

Mel McGlensey stop touching the students! Thanks for being my partner in improv class crime. Thanks for being a cool person. Thanks for being in Melbourne!

Justin Lehmann thanks for being my teacher, for showing me the wide open spaces that exist inside of me, and thanks for showing me the doors I’ll be looking to open. Thanks for being the vulnerable, supportive, brave friend that you are. Thanks for walking the walk.

Seth Gilbert thanks for being a kind soul. Your gift really meant a lot to me. It was a joy watching you perform in class. Thank you!

Lucy Griffin thanks for giving me shit, thanks for giving me opportunities, thanks for being a super cool professional in a world of a lot of… stuff. Thank you!

Jack Smith thank you for letting me be a part of your project. For giving me an experience I never imagined but always wanted. Thank you for being a friend!

Emily Candini thanks for showing that you can be fucked up and great. Thanks for making me feel fucked up and great. Thanks for treating a folding chair like it’s a dog. Thanks for making me feel like I have power. Thanks for giving me an experience I’ll treasure forever. Thanks for your advice. Thank fuck for, and to, you.

Lauren Hayward thanks for being the love of my life. Thanks for your support, your kind words, and your challenging words.Sorry, but I see a lot of YouTube in our future. Sorry mate. Thanks for laughing with me, and sometimes at me. thanks for your life together and the one we get to have. I love you, I like you, and I’m so thankful for you.

And everyone else who is reading this, or not reading this, and has been a part of my life, thank you. Thank you for giving your time, and/or thought, to me.

2016 Show Tally

Scripted Shows

Show Count
#1 Ninja 16
ApocOlympics 5
Stand-up! 5
Champagne Factory 3
Sketchy At Best 2
A Servant Of Two Masters 2

Improvised Shows

Show Count
Remix 9
Improv Against Humanity 8
LuDaKa 6
Dan and Justin (AKA Freak Party) in Freak Party 5
The Distillery 4
Now Showing: The Improvised Movie 4
Deconstruction 2
Stiff Company 2
3 Mad Rituals 2
Dandy 1
Madge Night 1
Old Dogs 1
The Big HOO-HAA 1
Big Yellow Taxi (Pack Theatre) 1
The Six Pack (Pack Theatre) 1
Class Show (Pack Theatre) 1

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