The Good Life

A study spanning 75 years on adult development, followed the lives of over 500 people from various backgrounds – and included John F. Kennedy. Here’s a couple of highlights:

The clearest message that we get from this 75 year study is this, good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

I haven’t always done what’s necessary to let those close to me know what they mean to me. Jason R. Chin told me that it’s through our emotions that people know we are. I’m reminded that it also lets US know who we are, it’s the roadsigns on the map of your heart, and the more we share that, the more we’ll know those around us.

If you’re in a tough place right now, and much of the world is, I’m reminded today that progress has always won, in time. And that if you feel love for some one, something, some thought, then now is a great time to let them know – it’s literally the only time you have.

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