2014 At Length

By my count I’ve been in 94 shows for 2014 (breakdown below for those interested) . Amazing that the count for the first 28 odd years of my life is 0, and that by the end of April 2015 I expect to have clocked up 51 shows.

I started keeping a calendar of shows future and past earlier in the year. I used the calendar as a means to keep myself motivated while I prepared for Bear Attack’s trip to Austin Out Of Bounds Festival. Then I started adding other shows, and suddenly, I realised that there isn’t just a light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel is lit too. I’m surrounded by light. And the lights are full of friends who I’ve known for a relatively short amount of time, but I know I will be with for a long time to come.  I can’t thank all of them, but I want to thank some of them – in no particular order.

Jason Chin told me 16 or so months ago that teaching and directing is a joy but that I must perform. It would take me 12 months to truly appreciate his wisdom, time and support. Thank you.

Marcus Willis without whom I wouldn’t be here. Thank you.

Justin Porter who reminds me that you can find joy in anything. Thank you.

Adam Kangas who built a great house of comedy in Melbourne, which has since become a home to a beautiful family. Thank you.

Jeff Griggs who has been nothing but generous with his time and support. It means a great deal. Thank you.

Andrew Strano who in all the Pano-Stritch shows has only ever had positive things to say.  Thank you.

Laura Buskes who reminds me that it’s possible to just see the good in everything. She also keeps me well stocked with memes. Thank you.

Andrew Watt who reminds me to want the best out of everything. Thank you.

Mario Hannah who fundamentally believes in those around him, and will put in the work to support them. I wonder if he just has faith in everyone, or surrounds himself with people he believes in. He’s a wonderfully bearded mystery.  Thank you.

Hayley Tantau who I’ve never seen not smile. And I never want to.  Thank you.

Mike Brown who cares with an intensity I wish we all had. Thank you.

Alexis Watt who is unbelievably loyal and loving to those around her. Thank you.

Broni Lisle who is the most playful and fun person I know. He also has a body that is capable of comedy that makes me laugh. Thank you.

Adriane Shown who is a wonderful conversationalist and proof that Improv is a cult that brings together people no matter where they are from. Thank you.

Tim Quabba who sees magic in everything. He can also do magic, and has a love for imagination that is inspiring. Thank you.

Damien Vosk who reminds me to do good. Thank you.

Andrea Bartunek who reminds me that it takes work to get anything. And that we can be anything we want, even a cowboy. Even if we are a cat and not a boy. Thank you.

Sophie Fernandes who is heart smart, a term I invented to describe someone who is able to respond to any idea or thought with sensitivity and emotional intelligence that is impossible for some. Thank you.

Wyatt Frederick Nixon-Lloyd who reminds me it’s possible to find joy in all things. This man is a human candy cane. Who enthusiastically agreed to direct my solo show, and in one move made me feel validated. Thank you.

Brianna Williams who is the most genuinely supportive person I’ve ever met. Who welcomed me into a show with a group of people I didn’t know, and made me feel equal. Thank you.

John Leung who is a joyful bouncing ball of a person. This guy has made me feel good every step of the way in getting my show together, and doesn’t realise how much his support means to me. Thank you.

Matt Saraceni who in one conversation made me feel like a close friend. Thank you.

Grace Presse who is one of the funnest people I know. But also an amazing host, supporter and cheer squad. She’s the bomb diggity. Thank you

And everyone else who is with me at the happiest time of my life. I look forward to spending more time with you in the next year. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

2014 Show Tally

Show Count
Harold 40
Remix 16
Decon 12
Bear Attack 11
Pano-Stritch 7 + 1 (Saving Pano-Stritch)
Dangus 3
Shakesprovisation 3
Story-Telling 3
Stand-Up 3
Marcus & Dan 2
What is art? 1

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