September 27, 2015 Daniel 0

Last night I went to an Italian restaurant with my girlfriend Lauren. We were celebrating the end of a run of shows. (You probably heard about […]

How I Learnt To Deal

August 2, 2015 Daniel 0

Last night Lauren and I watched a show titled How To Make Money Selling Drugs, which walked through the various levels drug dealing and the […]


August 1, 2015 Daniel 0

Last night I went to bed at midnight. And when I woke up it was dark, and I heard my housemate Marcus screaming “Just leave.” […]

Organise Your Life

July 31, 2015 Daniel 4

Over the last few days I’ve organised my life using Trello.com. And by organised I mean there’s a website with a list containing everything I need, […]

Urine Luck

July 30, 2015 Daniel 0

Last night I committed a pretty grievous crime, and dropped my phone in the toilet (status: unflushed). I pulled out (the phone) and dried it off […]