Champagne Factory & Thank you

If you are in any way connected to me you would’ve heard about a monthly sketch show I’m putting up with a group of lovely people called Champagne Factory. I’ve wanted to put on this sort of sketch collective show for a long time, and all inspired by Jason Chin, who sadly passed away at the very beginning of this year.

The name of the show comes from one of the last jokes he gave us:

The concept of the show, which is a collective of writers and actors creating and putting up content on a monthly basis, comes from Jason. Both because he regularly put up sketch shows in Chicago, and he always told me I could come be a part of it; even though I was in Australia. This small offer – that I never got to take him up on but would constantly badger him about – reminded me I was enough. I wonder if he ever knew what that was worth. And that it still fills me up.

The way I’m approaching the show is based on some advice Jason gave me as well. That I shouldn’t be so eager to take on directing and teaching, but instead perform. That old improv advice of “Show. Don’t tell.” was always present for Jason. As a mentor he was fantastic, and I can’t say he ever gave me answers, but instead pushed me to give an opinion, and would support what I put forward.

I owe a lot to Jason Chin. And this is a small thing. But it means a lot to me that we can do it. It means a lot to me that the beautiful cast have come on this ride. I hope we give Jason a laugh.


P.S. You can find out more about the show, including how to buy tickets, here.

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